Hey you, Woman of Strength! We believe in making birth after Cesarean better, preparing for it easy and enjoyable, and with a community of like minded women.

When we were moms preparing for VBAC we were struggling, overwhelmed, burdened, and depressed. Our goal is to take you from there to thriving and confident going into your birth! We know how that feels and we hope you feel it soon if you don’t already. 

If you are doubting whether or not you can do this, let us give you a virtual hug and shout at you in our excited voice…

Yes you CAN! If you aren’t there yet, we KNOW you can be. You are strong and you already have it in you! We will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

We've got you covered!

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What parents like you are saying

I came across the podcast and website through Instagram hoping for some resource for my VBAC. And I have to say I owe my successful VBAC to you guys. I started listening from the very beginning at around 26 weeks pregnant... At one point [during my labor] I was totally saying to myself “I am a woman of strength”. I am already spreading the word on the wonderful work and knowledge you guys provide. Thank you for putting it all out there.

Aderlys T

Meagan and Julie are so inspiring! I stumbled across this them when searching for VBA2C inspiration... I was immediately hooked! Each story is different and inspiring. I look forward to every Wednesday’s episode, and even when I was in labor, I was searching for facts on The VBAC Link blog for insight and support. I can honestly say my successful VBA2C is owed to all the women willing to share their stories. I highly recommend this podcast and blog to anyone anyone looking for facts about VBAC.

Summer T

Not only is this so empowering and informational for women hoping and prepping to VBAC but it is a MUST-LISTEN podcast for first time moms and doulas! There is a wealth of information to be learned from hearing all these women's experiences. I can't emphasize enough how great this resource has been in helping me gain the confidence I have needed in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I just wish I'd started listening to it earlier in my pregnancy.

Gina S

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