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Recommended VBAC, Birthing, and Postpartum Resources

We often receive questions from our followers asking what items or products we would suggest preparing for VBAC, birth, and postpartum.

While we were going through our own pregnancy and birth journeys, we found ourselves wondering the same thing and tirelessly searching the internet looking for the best resources. We had no idea what we were buying other than reading a few reviews.


Here at The VBAC Link, we want to help all of you find the perfect resources without taking the time out of your already busy life that will help you during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum chapters.

We wholeheartedly believe in transparency. Because of that, we want to let you know that our site uses affiliate links that generate revenue. If you click one of our links to make a purchase, we’ll get a small portion of the sale. It’s a way for companies we love to make some extra sales by allowing third parties to promote their products.

We are very selective and only promote products and services we genuinely believe in and have even used ourselves. We know you will enjoy all of these fantastic resources, just like we did and have.

Our Most Trusted and Recommended Tools

Amazon Collection

A one stop shop of all our favorite things to help you during your VBAC journey.

 Check out our Amazon collection. After years of Women of Strength asking for a list of our favorite products, we have set up a shop for you to check out. These are products that I used as I was preparing for my VBAC/VBA2C and use/suggest as a doula helping my VBAC clients prepare for birth and postpartum.

You will find everything from books to prepare for your VBAC to post-birth care to what to pack for the hospital. My hope is that it will make your life easier as you juggle your life with your other kiddo(s) and prepare for your dream birth. If you have ANY additional products you personally love, please don't hesitate to message us and let us know so we can review/share.


Optimal nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and women's health

Needed is backed by thousands of health experts. They have redesigned the prenatal vitamin and other nutritions you need, by bringing the key ingredients, and optimal amount in each dose. 97% of women take prenatal vitamins yet 95% of women are still deficient. Needed has created a new standard for perinatal nutrition. 

Get 20% off your order by using promo code “VBAC20” at checkout. 

Click here to see all of their amazing products including, prenatal vitamins, powder, pre/probiotics, immune support and more. 

The Lactation Network

TLN is helping families receive insurance-covered lactation consultations, breast pumps, and resources they need to thrive.

TLN has connected with insurance companies and thousands of IBCLC's all over the US. They connect and educate as well as support families at all stages of their feeding journeys. No matter if you are still preparing to give birth, have had your baby, or need advice on weaning they are there for you. Check them out and get your free consult today at The Lactation Network


Real food for pregnant ladies

A women's body can do amazing things. Her food should, too.

Nourisher is a brand born from the idea that every woman could use a little support.

I needed it after my first daughter was born, and my milk supply couldn’t keep up with her appetite. Other women need it when they can’t keep any food down during those first weeks of pregnancy but need to keep their nutrients up. And some need it when they’re feeling run down after bringing a baby into the world.

Whether you’re just starting your journey into motherhood, or your nursing bras have a few miles on them, we make food that makes the biggest job you’ll ever have just a little bit easier. Using delicious ingredients that are also functional, our products ensure that you and your nutritional bases are taken care of.

Click here to visit Nourisher's website.

Earth Mama Organics

Quality Prenatal and Postpartum Products

Earth Mama Organics manufactures effective herbal care to safely support the most fragile population on the planet: pregnant and breastfeeding women and their babies. 

Founded in 2002 by a nurse and herbalist, Earth Mama’s products address motherhood’s entire journey: the miraculous wonders and the common indignities experienced by women during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding, plus infant care and even the loss of a baby. 

Our favorite products include:

  • Organic Perineal Balm: The best thing we have found for taking care of “down there” after your baby comes.
  • Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: To get the uterus primed and ready for labor.
  • Organic Nipple Butter: To bring the nipples back to a happy place after nursing.

Click here to visit Earth Mama Organics store.

How to Heal a Bad Birth

#1 Book for healing birth trauma

How to Heal a Bad Birth is a straightforward guide for women who have experienced a difficult, disappointing, or traumatic birth, and want to gain understanding and clarity about 'what happened' and why they feel so bad...and move on.

Written by the founders of Birthtalk.org™, this book works double-time as an indispensable resource for partners, family, and health professionals, enabling them to offer meaningful support for women in this situation. It’s our number one recommended resource for diving into your past birth experience.

You can order the book from Amazon here.

Dr. Christopher's Birth Prep

#1 Tincture for Cervical Prep

Dr. Christopher’s Birth Prep is a unique whole herb formulation designed to support an expecting mother's body for the last six weeks of pregnancy & prepare her physically for the birthing process.

To be taken ONLY in the last six weeks of pregnancy.

This product is only to be used under a professional health care provider during the last six weeks of pregnancy. Take one capsule daily for the 1st week, two capsules daily during the 2nd week & 2 capsules three times a day for the 3rd week & after that or as directed by your health care professional. Six capsules daily is the maximum dosage suggested.

You can order Dr. Cristopher's Birth Prep here.


#1 Book for hypnobirthing

Childbirth can be an empowering and positive experience that you treasure for the rest of your life. The Hypnobirthing Book is a complete antenatal preparation that guides you toward achieving the birth you want.

Hypnobirthing teaches simple and gentle techniques that have a profound effect. By practicing these techniques during pregnancy, you can release fear and anxiety and build confidence in yourself and your body’s ability to give birth naturally. Feeling calm and confident during labor helps your body work efficiently, release endorphins, and your body’s natural anesthetic.

You can order the book from Amazon here.

Amazon Baby Registry

The registry of all registries!

We all love Amazon, and Amazon delivers with its highly rated registry.

Add any item from any registry site to your Amazon Registry using Universal Registry. People you love can send you and your soon to be bundle of joy anything on your list, and it ships right to you.

Even better? Enjoy a 10%-15% completion discount on items left on your registry by your due date. All registry items have a 365-day return date.

Get a FREE welcome box ($35 value) when you complete your registry by signing up here

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